Rugged Device Management

Equip Mobile Workers in Even the Toughest Environments

Rugged Device Management

Rapid Deployment and Provisioning

Save time and resources with zero-touch configuration for rugged laptops, tablets, smartphones, and handheld scanners and RFID readers.

Automate device enrollment through barcode scanning, cradle, SD card and OTA activation
Sequence installations of profiles (Wi-Fi, VPN, email), applications, files and actions using product provisioning
Use multi-user mode to enable check in/out flow for shared devices
Enable deployment on-demand, on a schedule, or based on condition such as time of day or battery level with rules-based policies
Utilize distribution nodes to reduce network bandwidth and WAN usage
Extend provisioning workflows into third party systems with extensive APIs

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Device Security and Controls

Protect corporate data with device controls and policies.

Enforce passcode and encryption policies
Restrict device camera, screen capture, external storage usage, Bluetooth, tethering and more
Monitor device compliance and remediate with automated actions
Secure device access using certificate lifecycle management for Wi-Fi and VPN access

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App Delivery and User Enablement

Give field workers access to mission-critical apps that drive business operations.

Silently install both internal and public applications
Enable testing or rollback to new or older versions of an app with multi-version support
Configure hardware and soft key button configurations and app launch
Lock device into an app kiosk, restrict access to settings and customize screen layout with AirWatch Launcher
Automatically launch applications on boot or event
Integrate security into existing apps using the AirWatch Software Development Kit

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Remote Management and Control

Assist users in the field with remote control, diagnostics and remote management tools.

Gain real-time visibility with dashboards that show provisioning status, compliance and activity
Collect system diagnostics, network information, installed apps, IT-defined custom attributes and more
Locate lost devices or nearby users using GPS tracking with built-in privacy
Manage folders, upload, copy, move and download files
Perform remote actions such as send messages, clear passcode, warm or cold boot, remote wipe and others

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  1. Rapid Deployment and Provisioning
  2. Device Security and Controls
  3. App Delivery and User Enablement
  4. Remote Management and Control
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